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The Iso-Bow is designed to improve your health and quality of life with convenient fitness. 

Free Demonstration Videos and Routines give you the option to target specific parts of your body in minutes. Your new fitness companion is simple and effective to:

  • Enhance Stretches for Improved Flexibility and Tension Relief
  • Strengthen Your Body's Natural Movements and Range of Motion
  • Target Individual Muscles for Desired Results

Your new fitness companion weighs only 3 oz and easily fits in your pocket, bag, or briefcase for convenient fitness wherever you are.

Use your portable home exercise device for quick productivity boosts throughout your day, enhance your warm up or cool down, enhance stretches, or make it your primary exercise device for improved health and quality of life. 

Iso-Bow uses Iso-Motion, isometric exercise principles with movement, for the fastest strength and flexibility gains.

We know you will enjoy your new Iso-Bow and stand behind our quality with a 5 year warranty and 90 day money back guarantee. 

*The Iso-Bow is designed as a static fitness device for controlled resistance

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